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Linda Abbit: The Conscious Caregiver

Caring for Parents

Who Is Linda Abbit?

Linda Abbit is a baby boomer and family caregiver with more than twenty years of hands-on experience. She is founder of Tender Loving Eldercare, an online community that provides coaching, support, and inspiration for family caregivers. Linda believes caregivers benefit greatly by practicing self-care daily.

She holds a Master’s degree in Education, worked in the eldercare industry, and volunteered as a support group leader for her local branch of the Alzheimer’s Association for many years. She continues to be an advocate for older adults, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In 2009, Abbit received Caregiving.com’s Caregiver of the Year Award. She is a contributing writer at SeniorPlanet.org, and a speaker and consultant on eldercare and caregiving issues for families as well as corporations.


How did She come to write this book?

Unknowingly, my book originated when I started blogging to share what I learned with my friends.

Because I was fortunate to be adopted at birth, my parents were old enough to be my grandparents. So, I became a family caregiver many years prior to most of my contemporaries in the baby boomer generation. This book grew from my desire to share what I learned on my caregiving journey with my friends who were not yet caregivers, with the hope they wouldn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” when it was their turn to care for their loved ones and to reassure them they are not alone on their journey.

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How listeners can reach Linda: 

You will receive her free report, “Four Ways to Decrease

Caregiving Overwhelm and Stress” by signing up for her weekly e-newsletter at TheConsciousCaregiver.com.

You can join her online community on her Facebook page called Tender Loving Eldercare or follow her on Twitter at @LindaAbbit.

Or email her your caregiving questions or challenges at Linda@TheConsciousCaregiver.com

Her book is available for preorder now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com and will be released on September 5th, 2017.




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