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February 2018 Medicare Changes

February 2018 Medicare Changes

So what kind of changes are coming to Medicare in February of 2018 you ask?

It is the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

So did you make a bad choice during open enrollment and now your having the buyer blues? Well don’t be sad for very long because you can now pick whats behind door number two… That is right, for a limited time you can make a deal and get rid of that nasty network driven high out of pocket Medicare Advantage and trade it in.

What’s behind door number two? Great question and here comes the prize. All you have to do to get rid of that Medicare Advantage plan is sign up for a Part D Prescription Drug plan between January 1st and February 14th and poof that Medicare Advantage is gone. You now are the proud owner of Original Medicare Part A and Part B along with the Part D plan you just enrolled in. You now have the ability to go to any Doctor or Hospital in the entire country that accepts Medicare,,,roughly 97% or more!

What Can You Do Now?

That is a great question and the answer is even better. You really don’t have to do anything…but if you were being smart. If you were being smart you would be looking into the option of a Medicare Supplement. That’s right Medicare Supplements are the good looking brother of the Medicare Advantage. They are the plans that potentially pay for everything Medicare does not. That is why they are often called Medigap plan. They pay the gap left between what Medicare paid and what you would be responsible for. Leaving you living on “Easy Street”. No fuss no muss!

One little catch is you might have to qualify medically if you didn’t get a plan when you turned 65. Supplements are a more exclusive club because unlike Medicare Advantage, they won’t leave you dangling in the wind! You don’t have to be in perfect health, but you can’t be in poor health either. Best thing to do is give us a call and see what you might qualify for. Easy Peasy!

Things to Do In February

Well if you have not made an appointment for your yearly physical, now would be a great time. I am a firm believer in preventative medicine and always want to get out ahead of a potential problem. The best part is that your yearly well visit for a check up is that it’s 100% free. That’s right, Medicare picks up the whole tab. Kinda like going to a fancy restaurant and someone else getting the check.

It’s also a great time to schedule all of your free preventative screenings such as Colonoscopy, Mammogram, Diabetic Screening and so on… You get different screenings free depending on your age and the recommended time frame. I understand that nobody likes being poked or prodded, but wouldn’t you much rather have that alternative rather than being cut on later?

So stay warm, stay healthy, and take control of your healthcare. We are here to partner with on this journey and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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