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How to get a Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement Plan


What is a Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement Plan?

Medicare says that when people are required to change their Medicare Advantage plan because of a move, they can apply for a Medicare supplement and  not have to worry about the medical questions. They cannot be rejected, or charged a higher premium because of serious health problems.  This is called Medigap with guaranteed issue. Another common Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement is if your Medicare Advantage Plan stops providing that plan where you live.

What are your options when you move to another state?

1) They could enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan in the new State.  Some states have adequate coverage with Medicare Advantage plans, but some do not. There are counties that do not have a Medicare Advantage Plan. So that leaves you wit going back to Original Medicare, Part A and B with a PDP Part D Plan or adding a Medigap Plan also referred to as a Medicare Supplement.

2) If You choose to enroll in a Medicare supplement and a stand-alone Part D plan.  You cannot be refused the Medicare supplement or be charged a higher premium than is standard for their age.  This is called Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue.

When the Medigap application is submitted, you must already have a cancellation letter from your Medicare Advantage plan, so you should address this ASAP.

Getting A Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue is a good thing.

Loss of your Medicare Advantage can turn out to be a very good thing because you can go back to Original Medicare and get a Medicare Supplement with guaranteed issue. As I have discussed previously Medicare Supplements without Medical questions usually only happens when you turn 65 or when you retire your employer group benefits beyond 65. Without guaranteed issue, you might not be able to get a Medicare supplement. You have a one-time opportunity to make a major change to their Medicare coverage.

There are some states that you can get a guaranteed issue yearly on either your birth date or policy anniversary date. Give us a call to see if you qualify 800-708-5810. To read more go to Medicare

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