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Medicare Made Clear

Medicare Made Clear

 Medicare Made Clear. No one takes the time to tell you that when you turn 65 that there is going to be many choices to make when you first start Medicare. And often if someone does explain it to you they never follow up with you again. You have no idea how many people I talk to on a daily basis who do not know that they have many options to choose from when they first receive Medicare. Sure, most people are aware that they will receive Part A and Part B. Most people think that Medicare will be free not knowing that only Part A is free and Part B comes with a monthly premium. Many people do not know that if they choose not to take Part B they will pay a penalty eventually. Then the surprise comes that you must have a drug plan Part D whether you take any medications or not. You will also pay a penalty if you do not take a Part D plan. Those are just the basics of Original Medicare. Then you have to make a choice of either a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Supplement. You can always keep Original Medicare, but the co-payments will bankrupt you if you have many medical conditions. They do not tell you if you choose Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage that you may not be able to switch to a Medicare Supplement if you have certain health conditions. The only time you get a free pass into a Medicare Supplement is if you are just starting Medicare or if you continued to work and kept your companies group benefits past 65. That is where we come in. We are focused on Medicare Made Clear and we will present a series of articles to help you better be prepared to make the right choice.

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